This and That: Red, White, and Rosé

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Mix of 12 wines from around the world to enjoy around the table.

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About this bundle...

A mixed case of wines so you are prepared for anything and everything.

These wines are a combination of the favorites that our team tasted. Why did we love them? The wines are balanced and not overly complex. They are focused on fruity and refreshing flavors, making them easy to enjoy. It’s no surprise that the wine in some of these brands has won awards in blind-tasting competitions. 

The two rosés are perfect for transitioning into the holiday season. The whites are great for sipping by the pool, brunch with friends, or an outdoor gathering. The reds are perfectly suited for a cozy night in or a romantic dinner with your partner.

As we say here, give it a swirl—we guarantee you’ll love them.

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