Sweeter-style White & Rosé Collection (6 bottles)

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Mix of 6 sweet wines from around the world to enjoy around the table.

Bottle Count: Sweet Wines
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About this bundle...

A mix of sweet white and rosés for those with a sweet tooth.

Indulge in a captivating collection of white and rosé sweet wines that span the globe, offering a delightful array of fruity flavors. Sip on our spritzy Shimmer Grenache Rosé from California, where sun-kissed vineyards infuse the wine with vibrant energy or explore the luscious sweetness of a Central Coast Sweet Riesling. For a taste of South American allure, dive into a floral-y sweet White Blend from Argentina, where the blending of varietals creates a symphony of flavors that's as rich as the country's culture and landscapes.

This collection promises a journey through a sweet escape.